How do we care about ecology in textiles ?

Working to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and in turn helping you remain a better brand is the path that Maison Le Callennec follows.

To us, eco-consciousness is the way we grow, rather than a magic solution to settle on. It is a continuous search for improvements for new ideas and for transforming and adapting our activities to the perpetuation of ecosystems around us. 

As we play a role in putting new products out into the world, we engage our responsibility on a wider scale, and we take this responsibility seriously. 

We focus on three main areas of growth to stay at the forefront of sustainability in textile : making manufacturing innovation available, expert advice to our clients and alternative fabric sourcing.

Let's make textile printing more sustainable

To many of our clients, it is an equation to solve, from supply to distribution. As much as we don’t believe in “zero impact” solutions, we aim to help you reach the most ambitious result. 

That’s why we endeavour to offer by default the most ecologically sensible printing or fabric solution we can find. We suggest sustainable alternatives, even if no one asks for it.

Fabrics and technics keep evolving for the better, it is our responsibility to make them known and to make them available. We find continuous opportunities for innovation with our partners. Fibers such as Tencel or organic cotton, for example, are becoming the norm. They are less polluting to produce and they are biodegradable. That’s a logical step in the right direction to us. But it doesn’t stop here, we are continuously growing our range of solutions to favour the most sustainable. 

Water based inks and digital printing “drier” processes that consume only little water or recycle it in the process are another line of improvement we are working with.

Developing a local production network in Europe to limit the mile count for each product is also integral to the way we grow.

Maison Le Callennec is born at a time when ecology is central to any human activity. We're ecology native, that's no change to us.

Helping you design sustainability into your prints

Although we’ve focused on manufacturing, we can’t complete the puzzle without stepping into the fields of design and marketing. 

It might be obvious to say that the production of goods will only find its natural place in the world if the products are purposely designed for it. However this forces us to make every attempts to change the priorities in our design decisions. 

Take the colour palette used in a print pattern for example. We know it has an influence on the printing technic that should be employed to manufacture it. This printing technic will be suited to specific types of fabrics that all have a different impact on the environment. 

Therefore we believe that by providing our expertise in print pattern design , printing technics and manufacturing we can help you insure the right choices are made and the right priorities are set from the start, to design more sustainable products. 

Designing with the limitations of technics and fabrics in mind lead to products that are better fitted to their environment from the start. It leads to better product lifecycle planification, and in the end to a better relationship with your customers.

Indeed, this knowledge can become a tool for our clients to communicate with and influence their markets. The impact of consumption being everyone’s responsibility, we believe these ecological design and marketing agendas should indeed become priorities and “must haves” for your customers.

And what about the future ?

Maison Le Callennec, as a creative shop and as a production agent favour quality products and thoughtful consumption as opposed to throw away fashion. And we will continue to do so as we believe in flourishing alternative brands and transforming existing ones.

Europe is firmly into de-carbonation, promoting local fibres such as linen and we even hear talks of bringing back weaving production. New recycled materials are growing our collections and new digital printing techniques are in testing. We’re taking them onboard in our pattern design collections and in bespoke creations.

Thankfully, there are many opportunities ahead of us to do better. And we’ll make sure to make them available to you.

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We believe in brands as influencers as much as in the ecological consciousness of their customers.