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Who said creating a beautiful product was easy?
Experience tell us that, among the hundreds of things that make your product successful, getting the right advice and follow up for your prints production is crucial. So we specialise in doing just that.

We Advise On And Provide :
• The right fabrics for your products
• The right technics for your quantities
• The right manufacturer for your project


To begin with, we generally need to know about your products, designs and quantities before providing quotes and tarifs.


Maison Le Callennec works in partnership with a selection of complementary textile printers and manufacturers in France and in Europe to provide high-end local manufacturing solutions.
We’re experts in bridging the gap between you and the right fabric, technic and manufacturer that will make your print beautiful.

What We Do :
• Advise & manage your prints production
• Print your designs and ours
• Small batches as well as high volumes
• A wide range of fabrics & technics
• Craft beautiful printed scarves


Our manufacturing partners are trusted and certified.

Some of our

Production - Maison Le Callennec
100% Popeline de Coton 75gr/m2.
Imprimé en France, encre à base d'eau.
Collection ©Hundred Pieces.

Are you looking for the design that will win your client’s heart? Look for the crush in Maison Le Callennec’s collections.

From collection creation to working up existing artwork, our trend expertise and craft skills are here to bring your vision to life.