Timeless and ecological, linen is durable and prints beautifully in digital. Maison Le Callennec’s range is constantly expanding with the current renewed interest for this fantastic material. 100% linen, linen and coton or linen mixes, white or natural, it’s ideal for casual and high end looks in garments, accessories and home deco products. Contact us regarding your printing project on recycled polyester.

Linen grows in the north of Europe, France being one of the big exporters. This factor alone makes it a great choice for European designs that employ local resources to improve their carbon footprint.  

It is the champion of ecological crops as in normal conditions it can grow perfectly well without additional watering or fertiliser. Yarn manufacturers and weavers in Europe and in France such as Safilin or Velcorex are constantly innovating to give linen a beautiful hand, stretchability and a soft touch. 

Our qualities range from light shirting and dresses weaves to heavier outer wear and household products qualities. Of which some are woven in France. We are hoping to bring hemp into our range soon. Watch this space !

The many uses of linen

Particularly long fibres give linen fabrics high strength and durability.  When organic coton fibres don’t exceed a few tens of millimetres, linen fibre can be 10 times as long, reaching tens of centimetres. 

Just like wool, linen is naturally thermo-regulating. It keeps you cool when the temperature is hot and it keeps you warm when it’s cold outside.

Linen is a good moisture absorbant that dries quickly, making it ideal for summer collections. It touch is sometimes a little rough when new, however it softens with every washing cycle.

With so many great properties, Linen is a more sustainable alternative to coton for many applications.


  • It is biodegradable
  • It is strong and durable for products that last
  • No chemical required to grow it
  • Manufacturing process uses little water
  • It grows naturally in Europe

Linen is a more sustainable alternative to coton for many applications.

Some of Maison Le Callennec's linen qualities


We print linen with reactive inks and pigment inks, mostly in digital but also with traditional rotary printing techniques.

We have a no minimum quantity range devoted to micro-production which includes furnishing grades of linen. Our normal volume production fabrics comprise lighter weights. Depending on fabric, rotary minimums start at 300m or 500m.

They are printed in France, Portugal, and in the UK.

Contact us regarding your printing project on recycled polyester.